Born in Brazil to German and Jewish-Italian immigrant families, Dr. Amilcar "AJ" Gröschel, Jr. shares the privileges and responsibilities of a 5th generation of Seventh-day Adventist Christian Missionary Workers, Preachers and Teachers. He is married to Mrs. Camila Gröschel and has two grown-up teens, Amanda (20) and Michael (18).

As an Ordained Minister, Dr. Gröschel currently serves as the Lead Pastor of the Waynesboro SDA Church, ministers classes in Philosophy, Theology & Law at Washington Adventist University (former Columbia Union College), also as a pro bono International/Foreign Attorney and Consultant on Corporate Ethics and Governance, Religious Liberty and Civil Rights, and sits on different Boards/Committees dealing with Corporate Governance, Ethics, Articles and Bylaws.  

Dr. Gröschel has over 20 years of experience serving and leading for-profit and not for-profit organizations in religious, educational and legal fields, holding advanced degrees in Systematic Theology, Philosophy & Ethics, as well as in Business, Corporate Governance & Law. He's already served in Brazil, in the United States of America, and in other 30+ countries, in all inhabited continents, in different capacities such as Teacher, Chaplain, Youth and Lead Pastor; University Dean and Graduate Director, Professor and Researcher; as well as Administrator, Corporate Executive and Attorney. His lovely wife, Mrs. Camila Gröschel, is a BSN OB-GYN Nurse, specialized in Family and Women’s Health, now working on her transition to also practice nursing in the US.

In 2019, while on a sabbatical working on further studies and research, Pastor Gröschel was called by the Potomac Conference Corporation of SDA to serve in Southwest Virginia, where he pastored almost all of the Adventist churches and their respective communities within that extensive area.

Camila & Pastor AJ love spending time with family and friends, exploring nature, and traveling. Pastor AJ enjoys making music either by playing the piano or the guitar, but specially when joining in singing some “good-ole" gospel 4-part harmony. He also enjoys sports in general, but particularly Soccer, Basketball, Football and Volleyball. They consider their greatest privilege and higher calling to serve their Father and King, and all of His most beloved children wherever He might lead them.

Pastor AJ and his office can be reached via phone/voicemail (540.908.2122) or email ( You’ll find him on various social media platforms and on TV with Hope Channel’s Bible Help Desk.

Please make sure to keep Pastor AJ, his family & community in your prayers.